Versity Smartphone


 Designed for the way you work, Versity allows you to manage tasks and  teams easily, at the office or on the go. You get all the power,  performance and functionality of an enterprise-grade device with the  sleek look and feel of a personal smartphone. 

Pivot 87 Series


Purpose-built for the workplace, PIVOT enterprise smartphones integrate with Google applications and XML applications. And because they're based on the Android  operating system, PIVOT devices provide an open platform to support  leading enterprise applications. Get efficiency, security and  reliability all in one award winning device. 

Wi-Fi 84-Series



With  market-leading HD voice quality, durability, broad telephony and WLAN  interoperability, the Spectralink 84-Series Wi-Fi enterprise solution  delivers a superior user experience with Spectralink VQO (Voice Quality  Optimization). Our 84-Series is powered by UC software that provides  full integration with all major SIP call platforms including Microsoft  Skype for Business®, Cisco call servers and others. The 84-Series  delivers high-quality, secure communications to meet the needs of  mobile workers in industries such as Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing  and Hospitality - empowering them to stay connected and work more  efficiently throughout their workplaces.

DECT Portfolio


Transform your workplace mobility with stylish and robust Spectralink  Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) solutions. Operating  at 1.8/1.9 GHz, our modular portfolio and integrated business  applications dramatically improve the responsiveness and productivity of  mobile workers in industries such as Manufacturing, Industry, Retail,  Hospitality, Elderly Care and Healthcare. All DECT solutions deliver  exceptional voice quality without any background noise, echo, delay or  interruptions. 

Device Management Tools


Enhance device visibility with these tools that detect the state,  location and servicing needs of your PIVOT and 84-Series solutions to  further increase security.

  • Quick Network Connect (QNC) automates the bulk provisioning of your devices onto a wireless network and directs them to the CMS.
  • Configuration Management Server (CMS) is a centralized server that  streamlines visibility to all PIVOT and 84-Series devices on your  network.



 Spectralink offers a portfolio of services that are specifically geared  towards making the most of your mobility experience and optimizing your  business results at every stage of your mobile solution lifecycle. To  put you on the right path to success, our comprehensive Enterprise  Mobility Services help you manage and maximize the power of mobility  tailored to your organizational needs and workflo